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Originally Posted by db71 View Post
I was being sarcastic in case some missed it. I have met many engineering students that are very capsble of working on cars and obviuosly any engineer on a car forum is probably more than capable. and no my kid cannot design a wheel it was a comparison to get a point across.
Was not trying to single you out. The ad hominem was simply getting pretty agressive.

Originally Posted by db71 View Post
I agree there is a lot of good info in this thread. I agree with a lot of stuff you are saying swamp.

All I am saying is that wheel technology does not change like other things in the world. The cornering, braking, accelerating loads on a xxxx pound vehicle are the same now as they were 30 years ago assuming the vehicle weighs the same and the weight is in the same place. Once a person could design a wheel for those loads they could probably figure out how to design other wheels for those loads without being an engineer.
Pretty much agree all around here less the correction pointed out that tires are much grippier and speeds higher than 30 years ago for the same weight car. Thus these loads have changed in size but not really in their nature so in that way a load is a load.

So yes through testing almost anyone can design one wheel to be as strong as another existing design. It is more my concern of ones ability to properly extrapolate from one given known good design to one with different loads, different widths, different offsets and even a different shape (same visual design but in the details actually different to accommodate width/offset changes). This takes good engineering, pure and simple.
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