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Originally Posted by jphughan View Post
I think the stock limiter is either 174 or 184 MPH on the speedo (which reads fast at those speeds anyway, so actual speed will be lower), so that's not an issue. It's definitely over 170 though.

Limp mode is definitely a problem, get it to the dealer. 8600 RPM shouldn't be possible either but as you may have noticed the red zone seems to start around 8250, not 8400, so there might be an inaccuracy there to. Still, while these engines are built tough, I wouldn't sit on the limiter for extended periods. There's a reason that earlier part is yellow; consider that a reserve area.
I agree with everything you guys say. I have been traveling so the car just sits at the airport. I will finally go into the stealer this Fri and get all my maint done as well as some out of pocket items.

I dont drive the car that hard and pretty much just pushed it a few times when I had the opportunity to make sure the car runs as expected being that I purchased a low mileage almost 4 year old car.

I definitely hit 8600rpms a few times and I did not feel a rev limiter kick in. I did that only to validate my theory on software.......hence I wont push it past that value.

I plan on a few minor mods.....Intake and exhaust with a tune, so if I do have software, possibly Dinan, id be ok with it.
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