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Great review

And not great just becuase it says the car is good and the best yet. It is good because it was written with a bit of passion, depth and illuminated many new details. The four most novel/interesting IMO are:

-The car beats the M5 on the ring. It is quoted, by doing the simple math, at 8:09. However Richter also claims he can extract an 8:10 while holding a conversation in the car. This nebulous answer leads me to believe (as I've stated earlier) that we will see a time of 8:05 or so.
-Nice explanation of why others (and they initially) feel the car has "gone soft". It is very easy to drive really fast and takes some peeling back of it's layers to find its real soul of core performance
-Again steering boost criticized. Should be an easy fix, maybe in year 2 ()
-EDC actively/continuously controls the shocks in both comfort and normal modes whereas in sport mode it just sets it up stiff (highly damped) and does not intervene past that. COOL!
-Estimated 0-60 of 4.6 (we all knew it would be better than the quoted figure of 4.8) and I'm still betting on sub 4.5 when pushed really hard by a good driver.