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Originally Posted by j2M3 View Post
I had a chance to put another 120 miles on the car last night. My wife and I went for a long drives through the mountains. It is a freakin BEAST! I have a great wife who knows how I like to drive. She just holds on and smiles Nothing better than going for a drive with a fine A$$ chick in the passenger seat
Few things to consider:
- Currently running Stock X-Pipe and M Performance exhaust. (waiting on my new exhaust + catless X-Pipe... should be here in a few days)
- Currently Running 255 Pirelli Rosso's all around
- Running on 94 Octane
- Car has 2150 miles
- I installed the KW sleeve over kit a couple weeks ago (have not aligned yet, waiting on my new wheels+tires to dial in height adjustment)
- Currently running stock brakes

I have NOT opened it up all the way yet although I have pushed it pretty hard. Keep in mind, I am not a technical expert so the details are in "'laymen's" terms
DTC ON= The car is effin fast, DTC engages through 4th gear. In 3rd and 4th gear you can't really feel the DTC engaging but the lights flickering on the dash. Wheel spin will happen but DTC kicks in pretty quick limiting the power to the wheels.

M-Dynamic Mode: 1st and 2nd gears are CRAZY power, feels like a freight train pulling, you get that feeling in your stomach that get when you take off in a jet. No lag, power is immediate and very smooth. You reach "red-line" within what seems like milliseconds in 1st and 2nd gear. Have to be really careful with throttle on corners, in low gears, the back end will just swoop out from under you. VERY easy to get this thing sideways real fast in 1st and 2nd in M Mode (ask me how I know). The car feels very "planted" in M-Mode and as long as you ease into acceleration. The power is strong and consistent through every gear. If you "punch it" in 1st-3rd gear you will feel power being limited by DTC. Most of my miles last night were in MDM and I was really impressed with how balanced the car as well as the power felt, still felt planted and not that "Out of Control" feeling. My speedometer is in KM not miles, but I the best way I can explain the power is high speeds are achieved so quick that I feels like instead of doing 180KM you are doing 80KM. As Phillip has mentioned, you really have to watch the road ahead and know what is coming because it comes so fast.

DTC OFF: HaWWWWWWWWWly FawwwwwwKin MOTHER of GawwwwwwwD effin INSANE POWER. 1st and 2nd gear under hard acceleration is SIDEWAYS faSSSSSSSSSSST. Under hard acceleration shifting from 1st to 2nd is enough that you will be in the ditch quick. So much fun through. All I can say is RIfukinDICULOUS It is a rush like I've never felt hookers and blow have nothing on a Blown M3+NO DTC. It's like you are behind the wheel of an F18 hornet and road is yours to OWN. I will not be spending too much time with DTC off until I get my new rubber and brakes. It's for fawkin REAL

OVERALL: The power is extraordinary! It doesn't matter what gear you are in, the car feels as if tough you have limitless power is on tap and ready to Gooooooooooo I'm really impressed with the top end of this car.4th-7th pulls hard and strong!
Another great thing about this kit is, if you put it into "Auto Mode+S1" it is very tame and could easily be driven by anyone.

On a side note. I was trying to take it easy, on the highway, on the way home...have a nice enjoyable ride with my wife... Then out of NOWHERE a Mustang GT tried to pull on me. I walked him SO hard and fast, before I knew it he was about 12-15 car lengths back

One last thing: The addition of the SC has done wonders for my marriage. I did the install myself and that was a HUGE "Turn-On" for my wife, she thinks I'm all mechanical and shit and I just breezed through the install. She has no idea I was freakin out a couple times, on the phone-text-email with Roman non-stop. Ohhh and ROMAN --> Keep your effin mouth SHUT, if you ever talk to her she has to believe this was a cake walk for me... get it? got it? good!
Anyhow after (1) The long drive (2) Effortlessly walkin the stang (3) an hour and a half of her telling me how impressed she is with my mechanical abilities, we got home and I swear her seat was wet--> and it wasn't pee from being scared $hitless from my driving.
Moral of the story is SC'd M3's make girls wet :
great little write-up there bro. You had the 335is at the last meet right? You won't have any trouble raping all of us now. Hahaha

Can't wait to see this thing at the meet!!!! As for 15~ SC E9X's in YYC, that is insane! I have seen maybe 3 or 4 of them, not including j2M3's.