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Originally Posted by Manz_UK View Post
...a better driving experience than the new M3

um? you do realise both C63 and ISF will have Auto boxes only.
Originally Posted by M3 View Post
If you don't like the new M3 than don't get it! Instead get an C63 CLK63 ISF RS4 RS5 or what ever you'll be happy with, but be sure of one thing. When the new ~DSG M3~ comes out you will be very sorry. Because on the streets tracks or anywhere we E92 M3 owners gonna whoop your ass
Thats quite a bold prediction considering Mercedes, like BMW, is working on their own DCT transmision. It's hard to argue against the C63's 457 hp horsepower and a earth shaking 442lbs of torque. Reports also say, though I don't believe it, that the 6.2 liter motor weighs about the same as the M's 4 liter. Good luck on the streets in a drag race or at a track with long straights against the C63 becuase you will surely need it.