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Been here more than me? What does that mean, do you mean on M3 post? That is not what the join date indicates, sure we are all persian but that doesn't mean other persians won't call you out on signing your posts with

boos boos,
del eh man,

Nine xoxoxox

To the OP, s2000 is a great car to learn stick - my first true sports car, best transmission, perfect gearing, amazing overall feel to the car. The s2000 and M3 share a lot of charateristics, high reving, low displacement, high hp to liter ratio, good looking and very respectable in track events. practicality however is tough spot with the s2000, I think you can steal an AP1 these days, most have been bulletproof.
That S2000 stick is great. Light clutch, short throws. It spoils you.

I learned on a 1986 735i. Once you build the leg strength to deal with that clutch, you can do anything
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