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bought it used at 14k miles about 2 months ago and never paid attention until recently that close to the inside area of the headlights, so im not sure if this is recent or not....i had condensation problems for a month or so when i had the alpine HID angel eye kit with holes drilled into the headlight caps to put the wires through (again, this was from previous owner). But I uninstalled that crap and now have LUX with no condensation issues at all anymore....but im not sure how those white specs could have got in there...i had trouble getting the LUX bulb in the socket on that side though and noticed i scratched the chrome part where the bulb is near a bit and i wonder if that area could have flaked into the housing. It doesnt look like even if that area near the angel eye bulb was scratched it would go into the black bottom part of the housing, but maybe im wrong.