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Interesting thread.

Anyway, I would like to add that just because a wheel isn't forged, rather, it's a gravity cast wheel, doesn't necissarily mean it's not worth having depending on brand, budget or type of vehicle it's going on. I am not advocating any particular brand and I am certainly not advocating getting any wheel that is a 'copy' or ripoff of another (certified) brand. I did have a set of gravity cast Axis Superhiro's on my 370z and I have to say, for an inexpensive wheel, they performed admirably. I had probably 20K miles on them with 3 track days (speeds up to 140 mph) and plenty of spirited street driving including some tail out fun, burnouts etc. I always detailed my own car and checked the wheels for cracks etc while cleaning. I've even pulled the wheels off the car for detailing and they were in great condition. Just a testament to those particular wheels. Like I said, I am not endorsing any brand (including Axis) but I have to give some credit where credit is due. As far as future aftermarket wheels are concerned, I would most likely go for Volks (ran Volk GTU's on my Evo) and NOT for a gravity cast wheel simply because weight (and strength) are concerns for me. Just wanted to share.