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Unhappy I'm done

Originally Posted by ScotchAndCigar View Post
I'm not, but thanks for once-again making an unnecessary presumption.
Oh I don't believe that I'm making an assumption on this one. You may not be practicing but looking at past posts you've made leads me to believe I am correct. (02-17-2012)

Also in my research I've found where I pissed you off and you did something that you normally do not do. You had no come back and since your normal thing is to attack, attack and keep on attacking. Nothing. That is not your style. So I was moved up on your list and since then you have called me, ignorant fool, batshit crazy, a winner, lack integrity, insecure and a hypocrite and all the while you say I insulted you by referring to you as my junior. (which you are by a couple of decades or so). But that's okay. You have been attacking folks on this forum for a long time. Some of the terms you have used on them include: total dickness (02-14-2012), misguided losers (02-22-2012), least insightful (02-19-2012), right-wing loons (02-10-2012) and the list goes on. Some folks thrive on this type of thing and it seems you do. So go for it. Some have figured you out and others will. So don't be surprised when you attack they will no longer get sucked in and after awhile you'll do like so many others like yourself. You'll just go away.

There is no need to reply because I won't. Even if you do and call me additional names I will not get drawn into another pissing contest with you again. I said that once before, but this time I'm done.
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