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Originally Posted by hks786 View Post
This. I love the fact that when you keep on top of waxing even after a quick wash your car will come up with great shine.

I'm no stranger to detailing, but I have one question. Is it true that you can over-wax? I also heard this is a myth but I just want to be sure because I heard it may damage the paint.

Over-waxing will accomplish nothing.

Over-waxing will NOT damage paint.

1-2 Coats every so often will keep you in good shape. But as one said, wax will not remove any imperfections in paint. Polishing is needed for that. And when you polish/clay, you are removing wax. If anyone has specific questions, pm me. I'd be glad to assist you. Not a detailer, I have a body shop and I occasionally engage in 1-2 hours of reading everything about detailing