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Neither of those runs has my best work in it, but if you use the 5th run as a reference, the entry to the last slalom where I didn't bring enough speed in and had to double-steer, the entry to the first slalom where I placed the car too far inside, and my entry to the 2nd slalom where I charged too hard and had to overbrake to make the next cone, all were either too slow or I had the car placed wrong. The steering on this car is a little numb with the bigass tires so it was easy to put in too much wheel and not enough gas or vice versa which threw me off, you can see it in those spots I mentioned.

Easy half a second left out there in driver stuff, as is clear from my very first run being .25 faster raw than my fastest clean run

I was on the limiter twice on all runs, once before 2nd slalom and once before finish. On the first run I was on the limiter for about a second before the finish lights! I actually got a decent amount of 3rd gear time one run, though I ended up punting on that idea. It's hard to tell from the video because it has a soft limiter. The course was tight in a couple spots but not tight enough to be "painful" and the car definitely shrank out there