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Originally Posted by Mike Benvo
It will blow again, just give it some time

In fact, there was a service bulletin. It happened twice on my car. The soluion was to replace with a higher amperage fuse..
On the m3? I thought that was for fuse 57 on early model e90's

edit: found the service bulletin. doesn't include m3's as our fuses are numbered differently then the non m e90.

Doors Will Not Unlock Using the Key Fob or Central Locking Button

E90, E91 (3 Series) produced up to 11/2008 SITUATION
One or more of the doors may not unlock when using the remote key outside the vehicle, or the central locking button inside the car. It is still possible, however, to unlock the door by using the key in the driver’s door lock cylinder or by pulling the door handle on the inside of the car.Typically fault codes A6D4 and A6D5 are stored in the Junction Box Electronics (JBBF).CAUSE
This is due to a blown fuse in the JBBF caused by either:

An excessive amperage draw by one of the door lock actuators, which is commonly attributed to silicone contamination; or
An intermittent, but acceptable, amperage spike slightly above 15A, due to normal variation in the locking system.
Replace the fuse with one of a different rating.Replace the necessary actuator as well, but only if it is drawing excessive amperage.


Part Number Description Quantity
51 21 7 263 086 Door latch kit (contains both left and right latches) As required
51 22 7 060 295 Door latch – left rear As required
51 22 7 060 296 Door latch – right rear As required
61 13 6 942 071 20 Amp mini fuse 1
PS: Check the fuses before spending hundreds of dollars at BMW to fix something that cost $0.15 and will only take 30 minutes of your time.

** Following the service bulletin SIB-51-19-07 you should replace the fuse with a 20amp one.

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