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Originally Posted by armyav8tor View Post
My concern is from my last track day at VIR where I got a ton of new paint chips on the car and a lot of them are in the vicinity of intake. I've never experienced this when I was on the Nurburgring or speeding down the autobahn. I guess the tracks around here are not as clean as the ones in Europe. I got a couple of chips that went straight though the paint and to the bare metal on the hood. I was not a happy camper but I got some trakktape for next time. I'm sure it would be a one in a million shot for the debris to hit the filter just right to puncture it, but with my luck, it would happen to me.
Wouldn't one be able to insert a mesh screen far enough inside the lower air duct to 1) protect the filter from debree larger than a grain of salt, and 2) not be seen unless up close and personal.

Seems logical if someone wanted to go that far. Just a thought.