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Originally Posted by db71 View Post
No I am not an engineer. I am not that full of myself that I feel that I have to have a degree to figure something out that my 4 yr old could do.

If my 4 yr old designs a wheel and it passes the same physical test as one you the engineer designed is it not good enough.

Now it may not be as lite on the first try as yours but my 4 yr old is still learning.

I used to work for an engineer and live in Champaign IL around many Future engineers. I have never met one that had one bit of common sense. Not one that could change a flat on their car. They always try to look at the way to techinical side of things so they look smart.
I have a BS in physics and an MS in Mechanical Engineering and I can change a flat. Nice to meet you. Now you know one. Glad I could be of service!

You're a moron. GTFO, you have no credibility in this thread anymore.