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das biest

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Originally Posted by david06M3 View Post
Thanks man. I know you couldn't wait to hear about the M5. It was nothing short of amazing.

So I'm filming Ryan drive the 1M on Homestead. He's doing 120 and I'm trying really hard to keep the camera steady because the banks are steep. The g forces press you into the seat pretty hard. Then he says "M5 coming up".

I start filming out the rear window and sure as hell the M5 was closing in on us very, very fast! A couple seconds later a Monte Carlo Blue streak blows by us on the inside and kept pulling away. Needless to say we were both awe-struck.

Thanks again guys!

Sounds awesome! I bet your hearts were racing. Maybe Stallion150 and I can get on a track once I get my M5 later this summer and reenact. I can't wait!