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Originally Posted by Bobble View Post
If you really believe it will generate revenue contact a patent lawyer! I am named on a patent that was developed while working for a big six consulting firm. I got a whole $1 and had to sign the rights away in order to keep my job. I/we (3 developers total) should have contacted someone as we got screwed on our idea.

Actually, if you read your employment agreement it probably says you have no rights to anything you may develop or patent while working for them. Even if you tried to patent it outside the company, most like it would not have gone through. Unless you could prove what you invented or develop had no relationship with what you do at work. The only reason your name is on the patent is because they are required to list an actually person and the reason you got a $1 is they have to compensate you, the $1 and keeping your job is part of that.

Just remember, you have no real rights to a patent or idea while you being paid by employer especially if it came out of the work your employer was paying you to do.

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