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Am I missing something? I thought the idea of detailing was to have a show-room caliber car AND drive it. Paint doesn't gain defects from sitting in storage after all.

My personal baby isn't driven in the nasty Michigan winters and was in storage for 19 months while I was deployed, but I've still put 90k miles (purchased in '05) on her and she looks better than the day I got her. Sure she has some minor chips, but the car's exterior condition as a whole is better than when I got her with 4,5xx miles on her.

I use quality products and appropriate techniques to keep her looking her best WHILE she's being driven, not so she can sit.

If we as enthusiasts begin calling out fellow enthusiasts because of money they did or did not spend on a car they don't need in the first place (there's no need for a BMW for transportation purposes), then what type of community are we encouraging? Shouldn't the real discussion be whether our next rides should be Chevy Aveos or Dodge Neons?

I think it's different when people buy knock-off wheels and wonder why they break or get hack detailers to work on their cars and can't figure out why their car now looks like poop, but in this case the OP waxed his car, posted some pics of his handy work, and now we're talking about if the car brand is deserving of quality products or not based on value and how often the vehicle is driven?