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Originally Posted by swiss_cornholio View Post
Talked to my dealer today. He said if I place the order now, I can get my M3 as soon as production starts However, he thinks that M-DCT will not be available next March (rather next September).

So that puts me in a difficult position: Should I really wait for the M-DCT (that I actually want) or jump on the manual that I can have as soon as January? My original timeframe was March or (if confirmed) April 08, but I definitely don't want to wait any longer. On the other hand, I would be pissed, if the M-DCT came out just 2 or 3 months after I got my manual one.

What do you guys think? (Especially people from Europe; by the time it is delivered in the US M-DCT will probably be available anyway).

Any people who actually prefer manual over dual clutch?
To respond to your last question first, I have always had manuals (except for my SUVs), but I will wait to try the DCT this time. The manual in my current E46 is a little arthritic, even with an ACS SSK, and I'd like to give the automated manual a try.

A couple months wait is not a biggie in the overall scheme of things if it is what you think you want. The only positive for us Americans is that, though we have to wait a few more months, we may get the choice of either from Day 1. I think that is part of BMW's strategy, because they know many here will demand some sort of automated transmission.

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