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Originally Posted by E92_SID View Post
WOW those are some great picts! That is an awesome camera!! I really like how you got picts of the cars with the mountains in the background. Thanks!
Thanks Sid and for the exhaust guy's info, going to get my OEM modded asap.

Originally Posted by dnvrdrvr View Post
It was fun! Here are my overall impressions of how we all sounded:
  • The OEM mod is $300 WELL spent!
  • Akrapovic had great tone, but was quieter than I expected. Can't wait to re-listen after Signes gets the x-pipe installed!
  • The M Performance was higher pitched than I had remembered and is a fantastic upgrade from OEM if you want to bypass any worries about warranty.
  • Still in love with my Gintani Race. Definitely need to get a diffuser to finish off how it looks.

(Taking my M into Schomp Weds for analysis on the Increased Emissions error... I suspect an O2 sensor but would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous they won't try to blame it on the exhaust swap.)
Agree with this^^^, nice summary. My Akra seems pretty mellow in this company so looking forward to the x-pipe to see how it opens up. Good luck at the dealer, don't forget you can go to another more mod-friendly one if they give you a hard time. Let me know if they wind up reflashing your car as a result of the CEL.

Speaking of which, I'll try to get a dyno day set up in the next month or so for anybody interested.
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