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I figure it's about time I update this thread. I took my car in for service at the dealership a few weeks ago, and they took a quick look at the CA problem and couldn't come up with anything. They wanted to keep the car another day to look into the problem further, but I was far from happy with my service experience up to that point, and I just wanted my car back ASAP. If anyone has a service adviser in the South Bay area that they know and trust, please let me know.

I have not called the tint installer back to see what my options are since I haven't completely ruled out every option other than the tint. I need to find a new dealership to look into the CA problem further, or worst case, take it back to the same dealer.

I installed new batteries into the key fobs, and that didn't do anything. The only test I have done that seems to point away from the tint being the problem is when I roll down both the driver and passenger window and attempt to use the comfort access, the driver side CA continues to malfunction. This is such a strange problem. Next step is to get my car back to a dealer to look into this further.

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