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patent advice

I have alot of ideas or inventions that i have thought of but i finally have one that i think is good and new. I have spent some time doing research on the web but have not gotten alot of solid advice. I know there will be legal fees if i pursue this but would like to go in knowing as much as possible. any postive advice would be appreciated....all else, eat shit(i kid)

the item/items/idea is for musicians/bands/churches and would involve an "interface" and a mobile phone/tablet app that would mimic systems that already exist that already preform the same thing on a very costly hardware level that could be replaced with software on existing hardware(original i know). i am very confident there is no such product in production at the time(i know that doesn't mean some guy doesn't own the patent already). I am also confident no one here can guess what i am talking about either(pm and i will answer truthfully).

I kinda know the basics of the patent process by research and i know there are places(legalzoom) that do some of the work for you but i also understand i will probably need a lawyer to do it correct. I just want to get my ideas as clear as possible and go in with as much knowledge as possible.

my one main concern is i believe my company has a clause that they own all patents that i make while working there. I also know i have to sign off on the patent as inventor or creator or something so i cannot just have my wife file.

any advice, books, quality web links, or even florida patent lawyer contacts would be nice. i will have to grow a pair one day and act on some of these ideas.


cliffs: think i have a good idea to patent, need help.