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Originally Posted by Brooklyn Mark View Post
I got the vt2600 kit last may at 15,000 miles and I was having some power/rpm issues at high speeds of 130+

Roman told me the issue are due to an old software tune. He sent over an updated tune and I installed it.

Yesterday was my first day of driving on the highway with the updated ecu. Not sure what happen but my clutch is slipping like crazy now. I cannot even hold second gear.

Do you think its possible the clutch just gave out over night? ( I never do burn outs and know how to drive stick properly)
If you are getting a code for "Clutch Slip" on a manual transmission you will want to confirm with your local dealer but you most likely have a bad clutch. Your updated software is makin more power than before so if your clutch was on the boarder before of slipping before the update it could have been enough to push it over its limits after.