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Originally Posted by tibra1 View Post
Yes its called Bavarian Technic tool. The enthusiast version can be used for up to 3 different VIN numbers. I purchased mine used with 2 VIN #s remaining off someone here in the forums

One side plugs into your OBD port the other side is a USB and plugs into you laptop. You download the software for free off their website.
Click Here

Besides diagnosing codes, and setting and resetting service intervals (i.e., oil, brakes etc), you can you use the tool to do whats called command of them is registering the battery.

When you install a new battery you must register it so the alternator will charge the battery ..registering it with the BT tool is super easy.

You go to

Engine Module> Commands > Battery Replacement Adaption> Click Send Button> DONE (Battery is now registered)
So the $287 Enthusiast kit codes the battery. No need to buy the $700 Professional kit.