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Originally Posted by Tobizach View Post
All that is all speculation yet as well. There is even a rumor that there is no manual trans offered. We will see this fall with the release in japan. Someone on the GTR forums posted a time of 7:15 on the ring but no one could find confirmation on it. And was dismissed as too damn fast

A couple of members in our local Z club are getting them too. For myself I just never liked the looks of this or any of the older skylines. Also cant see servicing a 70k car at nissan dealers. Esp here in vegas all dealers/makes are crooks. We bought every car for past 10 years in cali, the m3 likewise is going to be bought out of state.

Im lucky I have a great dealer/service center (If you been in the nissan/Z community you would know) the new west covina nissan is probably the best dealer/service/parts/tuner etc. on the west coast, staffed with all the ex performance nissan crew. I do all service/install mods there. Btw Alot of gtr buyers are going thru them, if I liked the gtr it would have been thru them.

I just wish they sold bmw's as well.
Cool, I never had any experience with Japanese cars but service can't get much worse than what I've seen recently (Mercedes-Benz).

Those times can't be real, 7:15 is impossible. I do know that they tested the GT-R and it was slightly beating the Porsche 997 Turbo. Whether or not they were holding back and could have totally blown the Porsche away or that it was barely able to beat a GT-R is totally debatable.

The old Skyline (I think it was an R33) posted the fastest factory car time on the Ring and made a record. I doubt this new one will just because of all the supercars out there, but if beat a 997TT and run with the Z06 then it will be one hell of a fast car and should have very little competition...Imagine when the aftermarket tuners get done with it
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