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Think we can ever hit these times?

Recently I've been working with the creator of "vBox Verify" -- a program that will scan and verify all of your vBox files. vBox Verification is much more than checking for slope. vBox Verify will also check for missing satellite signals, corrupt sample rates, missing and corrupt data as well as slope. vBox Verify will scan a vBox file for a series of velocity and distance tests.

Velocity Tests:
0-60 MPH (-1% slope)
0-100 KPH (-1% slope)
0-100 MPH (-1% slope)
100-200 KPH (-3% slope)
60-130 MPH (-3% slope)
100-150 MPH (-3% slope)
0-300 KPH (-2% slope)

Distance Tests:
1/8 Mile (NHRA Rules)
1/4 Mile (NHRA Rules)
1/2 Mile (Texas Mile Rules)
1-Mile (Texas Mile Rules)

To test the program, Race Logic (manufacturer of vBox) donated a series of files to ensure compatibility with all vBox file formats and all vBox sample rates. The files were a mixture of different formats, data types, and sample reates and were intended to find bugs and ensure compatibility in the vBox Verify program.

One of the files they donated not only shows off the vBox Verify program itself, but the car and vBox used to capture the data. The device was Race Logic's flagship vBox-3i, 100Hz sample rate. The car and file came from Richard Hammond's "Jet Car" featured on the BBC TV show "Top Gear." What you are about to see came directly from the vBox file on Richard Hammond's Jet Car.

If you ever wanted to know how well a Jet Car performs in a 60-130, 1/4 Mile, or Standing Mile, then enjoy the graphs below. The graphs were generated from the vBox file used during the Jet Car test as discussed on Top Gear. On the very next run, the tire blew out at 288 MPH and the Jet Car crashed, and Richard Hammond was injured.

One thing to notice: vBox Verify will auto-scale the axis regardless of the data. And when you get to the bottom and your jaw drops, the answer to the question you are about to ask is "Yes!" Yes, the Jet Car ran the standing mile in 305.242 MPH even though the parachute opened before the end of the mile.

100-200 KPH:

60-130 MPH:

1/4 Mile:

Standing Mile:
16 F82 M4 DCT - ZCP - JB4 - 556WHP / 570WTQ
08 E92 M3 DCT - Bolt Ons - 60-130MPH 10.71s - 11.88 @ 118MPH - 377WHP
ESS VT2-625 SC 60-130MPH 6.80s - 11.30 @ 129.3 MPH 586WHP / 379WTQ
ESS VT3-750 - 60-130MPH 6.14s - 10.81 @ 135.13 MPH 690WHP/463WTQ
Shift-S3ctor E92 M3 - 1/2 Mile Trap Speed WR - 174.13 MPH