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10 Things I did not know about my M3

Ten Things I did not know about my M3 coupe before I bought it:

1. The seats fold down flat enough to make the M3 into a very useful cargo hauler.

2. The top of each wing mirror is not actually attached to the car. Interesting.

3. I had hear horror stories about iDrive through the years, but it is surprisingly easy to operate.

4. The M wheels are no less a PITA to clean than the M135s on my E46 ZHP.

5. The auto-store buttons to set commonly used functions on iDrive are incredibly useful. I programmed number 1 to turn off the map, and number two to turn on the map/split screen entertainment, and number 3 to call Mrs. Llando88. Very useful indeed.

6. The autoseatbelt handover is pretty cool.

7. Those brake duct inlets in the front valence are pretty large.

8. The rumble of the S65 is a joy to hear. Iím not sure the car has a stereo as I have yet to turn it on.

9. So far the car is returning 17.8 mpg on my commute. I need to get out of grandmother mode at some point, clearly.

10. The M3 goes considerably faster than expected north of 4,000 RPM. Considerably. Faster.

Love it love it love it.