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Originally Posted by kitw View Post
The welds look nice, good penetration from what I can see. I don't really like the abrupt transition from the factory flange where the primary cats were to the straight pipe, that seems to be a flow disruption. Probably close to the Turner Test pipes, but that transition means they won't flow as well. But, at least it's a step above normal muffler shop work and keeps the decently well flowing stock hydroformed parts and no crush bends, so good job there.
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I agree, they had to get creative a little bit right there because the shape coming off of a flange is not round, but rather oval. The good part is that the ID of the welded piece is the same as the ID of the pipe downstream. It means that although there could be some turbulence going on at that connection - it is not a choke by any means.

Ass dyno confirms power gains