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Originally Posted by ItalianStallion View Post
I have deposits down on both the GT-R and M3.

The GT-R will be priced around $60,000-$70,000. It will have a 450hp (estimated, maybe more) V6 Twin Turbo engine and a 7 speed dual clutch tranny. It will lap the ring well under 7:50. It will have all wheel drive, extensive carbon fiber, Brembo brakes, backseats for 2 (small backseats). It is expected to beat the 911 Turbo. It is coming out in Spring of '08.

After reading all the reviews about the M3...I am glad I have a deposit on the GT-R.
All that is all speculation yet as well. There is even a rumor that there is no manual trans offered. We will see this fall with the release in japan. Someone on the GTR forums posted a time of 7:15 on the ring but no one could find confirmation on it. And was dismissed as too damn fast

A couple of members in our local Z club are getting them too. For myself I just never liked the looks of this or any of the older skylines. Also cant see servicing a 70k car at nissan dealers. Esp here in vegas all dealers/makes are crooks. We bought every car for past 10 years in cali, the m3 likewise is going to be bought out of state.

Im lucky I have a great dealer/service center (If you been in the nissan/Z community you would know) the new west covina nissan is probably the best dealer/service/parts/tuner etc. on the west coast, staffed with all the ex performance nissan crew. I do all service/install mods there. Btw Alot of gtr buyers are going thru them, if I liked the gtr it would have been thru them.

I just wish they sold bmw's as well.