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Originally Posted by M3_WC View Post
I have always wondered with F1 getting a lot of new fans.

Are your loyalties as fans to a certain race team or driver? Do you guys follow a driver from team to team or follow a team with any driver lineup?

I find myself a team guy, not necessarily big on one driver. Although I was quite a fan of Mika Hakkinen. I have watched the sport for a number of years. I guess you just get use to drivers coming and going.

I have a lot of friends/family I have recently turned onto F1. They all seem to be Red Bull and Vettel fans.
So, when I started watching and following F1, I immediately gravitated towards a team and a racer based on my initial thoughts and feelings. This was McLaren (with their MBZ engine--I had a MBZ car) and Lewis Hamilton (a young driver). From then on, it's been my team.

I could have chosen Ferrari, but, that would have been too easy and cliche IMO. Williams, Renault, or BMW-Sauber? They didn't appeal to me. RBR was a new team with a good management team--and once they had a good car and Seb started winning, they dominated. No matter--I supported McLaren.

If and when Lewis leaves the team, I will wish him well. But, I will welcome his replacement.