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Originally Posted by UltimateBMW View Post
That is disappointing. I like the collars on those shirts. I got one from last year and it seemed to be ok.
The collar is really nice. But the rest of it, well isnt. The patches are all poorly sewn and are blatantly visible from inside the thing (not something I would expect on a $100 piece of clothing)

The patches are also itchy and the inside lining is some cheap polyester. The outside fleece is heinous looking (the $25 Land's End fleece I had to wear in highschool is better for christs sake)

Its just a really cheap sweater...I pulled it out of the bag it shipped in (yeah a bag not a box) Ive gotten $20 tshirts that have shipped in a damned box before.

I knew I shouldve shelled out the extra $50 and gotten one of last year's Boss jackets when they were on sale...

Ohh well, thats hindsight I guess. At least I can return it.