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Originally Posted by Templar View Post
You're not understanding me... I didn't say the M3 was necessarily BAD at a straight line drag-type race, but it is definitely not as good as some people in this thread are trying to make it seem. And even with modifications, it still isn't all that good at straight line. There are much better and cheaper options out there, and those with mods are beasts.

That is all I am saying. If you think the M3 is a drag racer, even with some mods, then you're in for a rude awakening.
I think YOU did'nt understood me , what I was saying is that the M3 was infact design to be as much fast in a straight line as the other cars in its category(ISF,RS4,C63,08 CTS-V) , not to be as fast as every supercars in the world !
Now thinking that I would buy a M3 if I wanted a drag racer is underestimating me a bit . Also I'm curious to know what better and cheaper options that would be beasts do I have If I'm shopping in the M3 segment a part from the C63 !?

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