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Originally Posted by CAPSGOD View Post
M3 has what, 300 lb-ft @ 4000 rpm? Peak hp somewhere near 8000? How cute.
They should teach some basic physics in high school, at lest to get people to understand meaning of simple numbers in life situations.

An engine with 300 lb-ft @ 4000 and 414 HP at 8300 is completely equivalent to an engine with 600 lb-ft at 2000 RPM and 414 hp at 4150 RPM, which would be awesome for a diesel. In fact you can magically transform the former to the latter with a simple 2:1 gear set (which M3 effectively has, compared to a typical diesel engine). This is a precise fact, not an opinion or speculation. If you do not understand it or doubt it, ask refund for your highschool diploma. Sorry for being abrasive but this argument just gets too old.