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Originally Posted by Cdnrockies View Post

Your argument is painfully weak. Zimmerman was told by both the police dispatcher and the organization that he was representing that he should not have pursued or engaged Martin.

You still continue to ignore the comment that is evidence from the dispatch tape.
I think the arguement that Zimmerman gunned Trayvon down is weak, for years he had been a security guard, why now, why this kid?

Something is missing from the story, maybe a drug deal gone wrong or something, but it just doesn't make any real world sense. Even a rent-a cop would know better than to take somebody down in a heavily populatd area, with many potential witnesses.

Also, for people to doubt the security guard, well that is just COLD. If trayvon wasn't black, this wouldn't be a front page story. Further, I wonder if this happened in Texas or Arizona, how things would have played out differently.