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Originally Posted by Templar View Post
Couldn't be more wrong.

335i's beat the M3 in a straight line in certain situations. So many cars pull hard on the current M3 in a straight line, but once you hit a corner the M3 shines.

The M3 is a track car, plain and simple. If you want a drag racer, the M3 should not be your first choice.

Where do people come up with this stuff?
It's not because the M3 was design to take corners that it means it was'nt design for straight line also , I think the engeneers at M are capable to do more then one thing with the M3 !! It also brake well and make a pretty good confortable luxury car !! If the M3 is faster then IS-F and RS4 in straights and corners , does that mean those 2 cars were design for nothing !!?

If you look back at 08 , the M3 was as fast as any other cars in a straight , so why do you say it was not design for that also , you really think that being good at cornering must absolutly mean being bad in straigh !!? If the M3 is that much praised it's because it does everything good !!