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Originally Posted by rickhunter View Post
ADV1 Jordan, interesting response. But I don't think you really answer the questions. Been looking for wheels nd started read this thread and the cracked 22" thread.

No problem at all Rick, I'm happy to clarify for you.

1. Who's your engineers? What type of engineering degrees do they hold? Being a Computer Engineer is not the same as a Mechanical Engineer (etc), but I wouldn't want to see a CE working on wheel engineering. Why wouldn't you disclose the information? I would think you should be proud to have an engineer? Does he have a relevant engineer degree from a real school or did he go to a local college or something?

The reason I don't disclose this information is mainly out of respect for my staff's privacy as this information isn't really something that needs to be openly discussed. If you are as concerned with the safety of our wheels as you claim you are, why not just stop by since you're in LA according to your info here and on L4P. I'll be there next week most likely and I'd be more than happy to introduce you to everybody and give you a tour of the place. Our engineering team is more than qualified, some have degrees and some don't but regardless everything is reviewed and follows the strict guidelines set by a Licensed mechanical engineer. Again, should you or anyone else need more information on this or wish to verify the validity of this simply give me a call or email, as I've stated many times.

2. And why is the STL testing not have any mention of ADV1/MHT. Is it even STL testing for any of your wheels? The MORR STL testing shows their name, why doesn't the one ADV1 posted?

Because we respect the privacy of STL and those involved with the process. You've already emailed STL yourself in an effort to verify the accuracy of the said document and you're more than welcome to verify with them that ADV.1 Wheels are in fact tested and are in accordance with SAEJ2530 or J328 @ Standards Testing Labs.

3. It looks like ADV1 has been claiming TUV for months, yet according to this statement paperwork was just signed recently.


I'd really like to purchase some of your designs, but from these 3 points above, it sounds like you are hiding a lot. Are telling the truth or lies? I would like to see 3 things.

1. Where did your structural engineer go to school and what engineer degree does he hold?

explained above.

2. Proof that you even have a real STL testing document.

contact STL for verification or come by our Miami or LA location anytime.

3. Truth about your TUV certifications. When will ADV1 really be TUV certified? Next month? 5 years from now? Never?

Rather than me explain it to you, why not just ask directly? Here's the contact information at the bottom of this document.

Please answer the questions instead of responding with a "roundabout" answer that doesn't answer anything asked.

I hope these answers are acceptable. Should you have any additional questions regarding the legitimacy of this company of which you feel the need to ask publicly I urge you to please do so. Thank you for your concern regarding the well being of our clients and potential clients, I assure you we are as well.

Jordan Swerdloff

ADV.1 Wheels