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Just as the title says, I was driving home from work today and this guy cuts me off trying to get in the turning lane. I lay on my horn to let the guy know, but he continues on. As a result, I went into the other lane and jumped in front of him. We then came to a stop and eventually turned when the traffic light turned green. He tried to somewhat speed around me so I jump in front of him again to show that I'm not happy about the situation. I then look at him in the side mirror and he's signaling me to pull over (I assume to fight or something). I smile, nod, and proceed with my route. Afterwards, he pulls beside me as we're driving (I had my windows down the entire time since it was a nice day) and start's calling me a "Pu$$y," etc. and I just stated that "You f-ing cut me off." He said something simliar to what he said before and I repeated, "You f-ing cut me off." After doing so, he immediately pulls a gun and points it at me (I was on his driver's side) and said something (I don't remember what he said). Obviously, I freaked the hell out and immediately turned on a side street and was able to take an alternate route home with no issue. I'll be the first to admit that I was a dick and provoked him, but I felt justified at the time since I felt that he was the first offender and it seemed intentional. Because I have perfect 20/20 hindsight, I now realize that it was dumb of me to provoke someone I don't know (especially in Houston). Either way, I can't believe that someone would be that crazy and do something like that because of a petty situation. I'm still somewhat concerned because I was on my daily commute home from work, and, obviously, travel that route very often. However, the other side of me feels that if he was going to shoot me, he would have. I hope I don't run into the guy again, but if I do, I'll keep my distance, grab his license plate number just in case, and remain cordial. Damn, what a day...
When driving on the roads and something bad happens. Just lightly tap on the horn for 1-2 seconds just to let them know you are in the lane. It should just be a small tap and not a long 3-5 second horn followed by a dirty look. One is a friendly reminder and the other one is a provocative one. Don't make eye contact,don't cut off and just go along your way. Maybe the next time he will run into an undercover cop. Enjoy life and don't worry about others. Not worth it to run into the wrong person who may pull the trigger or get out of his car and beat you up. One of my friends honked at one guy and got into an argument with him about him cutting him off. Bottom line is the guy was a big dude and my friend got his ass kicked pretty badly. So my friend may have been right but in the end he got his ass kicked over it. Was it worth it Not if you ask me.