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wow you guys are brutal. she's not a slut, just someone who hasn't been that smart about choosing partners and made a few mistakes along the way.
so i did try to cut things off with her by ranting about all the shit that annoyed me and questioning our relationship/friendship and what it meant. of course, she got very offended and basically said that if i had to question why im her friend, that maybe we shouldn't even be friends in the first place. so the next day, she restricted my access to her fb and i was like wtf, so i unfriended her.

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Either your in denial about actually liking her, or you just possessive of everything and want her all to yourself. Even though you dot even want her. (kinda how Christian was on Niptuck. Idk of you ever watched that) anyways. This girl is clearly using you. Whenever she's alone she wants to hang out with you. And when she's not alone she could care less about you. grow a pair and cut off ties with her man. Friends are supposed to be people who make you happy. Not cause problems.
haha yea, im more of the possessive type. I guess this comes from being a single child. it's weird becuz i know ppl who have been on both sides of the situation. boyfriends that hate it when his girlfriend has a best friend that is a guy and get super jealous. then ppl bash the boyfriend and call him insecure and say that the girl deserves better. and then there are male best friends that get super worried that the girl best friend will ignore the him and only care about the boyfriend and try to persuade the girl that the bf is a bad guy. usually, the girl protects the bf and an argument ensues and the friendship ends... long story short: all guys define and guard their territory and they'll do anything to defend and protect what's there's. for those that are alpha enough, they play the cards and win it all. for less alpha guys, we just get fucked... gahh... sometimes, i hate myself.