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I feel you; 3 weeks is way too long!

1. The rain in Malaysia made for an exciting race with unexpected results. Great to see Perez get a podium ; good to see Alonso keep Ferrari in the game (kinda ); and we saw the usually-cool Seb lose it [out of frustration ]. Rain is the great equalizer.

2. McLaren's pit stop performance in Malaysia was painful to watch. That rear-jack mechanic...what was he thinking?

3. I think Ferrari will give Massa a maximum of 4 races (a quarter of the season). If in the 4th race he does not finish in the top 8, Ferrari has no choice. SF can try to salvage the season at that point with Perez

4. I don't know what's wrong with Mercedes, but they're almost "there". Perhaps, it is the rear eating up the tires.

5. I'm wishing Grosjean well. I like the kid.