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Thumbs down Varrstoen Wheels

Hey all,

So I have a less than pleasant story regarding Varrstoen Wheel Company...

Basically, I've been in the wheel market for a month now, I've done my research and contacted various vendors to inquire about wheel prices/packages etc. So I also come across Varrstoen through referral of a couple members here on the forum so I decide to give them a shot. I called in yesterday and spoke to a rep (name witheld) and got the numbers and details for a set of 2.2.2 wheels.

Over the phone he was very helpful and seemed knowledgable about what he was selling, however, the conversation took a turn for the worse when he said they didn't have any of the styles in stock in the sizes that I was looking for. I said, "You literally have no wheels for me to buy?" and he basically said not until early May (ok so my first thought here is how is this company going to survive by not having any stock of multiple variations that I inquired about). Anyway with that aside, I went on to conclude the conversation.

I called a second time to see if they possibly had another particular style in stock and again he said no, BUT he said he found 2 rear wheels that matched what the sizes that I wanted in the style that I had originally wanted as well. Ok great, and then he went on to say, we dont have the front wheels in the 5x120 pattern but we have them in the 114.3, but we can re-machine it for you to have the 5x120. Wow, awesome so I thought I lucked out big time, it was 4:30, just before closing and I had seemed to get what I want. I told the rep I'd be there first thing in the morning to pay for them and take the rear wheels home while the fronts get machined.

Next day rolls around (today), and I drive all the way to Santa Fe Springs from south Orange County, which is a less than convenient drive, but I make it out there excited to buy some new wheels. I get there walk through the door, and I'm not even greeted in a professional manner. Some dude sitting in an office didn't bother to get up and introduce himself, rather he gives me the most confused look of his life and says, "Can I get you something?" I was particularly in a good mood cause I was about to pick up some wheels, so I didn't even make anything of it, I told him to get the rep I spoke to on the phone with so I can conclude my transaction; he yells across the room, "Hey bro your customer is here" so the rep comes out, I introduce myself, I say we spoke on the phone yesterday, and tell him I'm here to pick up the wheels.

And this is where things got shitty: "Oh man, I tried calling you yesterday but I didn't have your #, we actually sold the 2 rear wheels yesterday..." and I think to myself, you gotta be kidding me! you were 30 min away from closing and you sold those 2 specific wheels?! after I said i'd come first thing in the morning to make payment?? With the most insincere apology he basically said there's nothing I can do, so I had literally wasted my time to go there, and walk out with nothing and a very very unprofessional experience.

Basically I was promised a product, and a company didn't deliver on it, and I got the bad end of the whole thing, cause in reality, they really couldn't do anything for me, oh well I guess. So this is just a warning to anyone who plans to deal with this company, prepare for a bunch of unprofessional people that can't seem to deliver on promises.
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