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Originally Posted by muskamatt View Post
I am in no way doubting your ability to drive, however, I know that there are a fair amount of individuals at speedventures who aren't pushing it anywhere near 100% out there. I personally have not driven the GTR, however, I have driven a z06 and ZR1 fairly extensively on the track and from what I understand they may are a bit more difficult to extract the performance that they are capable of. I would often find myself in 3rd in the ZR1 knowing fully well I should be in 2nd for my best time. However, there is something a bit nerve-racking about 638hp going through 2 (although gigantic) rear tires in a 6 figure car that is not your own.

While I in no way doubt your driving abilities (you seem to have quite the stable and therefore quite the ability to destroy tires, bring different vehicles and learn on various platforms) I do doubt others who are driving GTRs as well (yes I know there are corvette guys out there who don't know how to drive as well but I guess the bottom line is there are always guys out there who have cars that are far beyond their capabilities which usually make these track day 'kill' stories pointless).

(so therefore I will go ahead and add another story ) I essentially outran a GTR in a stock c5z06 due to the driver. Should he destroy me? yes. did he? no. Would I have obliterated him if i was in the GTR and he was in the c5z06? I believe I would.
Don't take me too serious Sometimes I like being a sarcastic prick on the forums. My first 3 track days in the GT-R, there were boxster's and bone stock carrera's faster than me. I just like giving someone a rash who is so far stuck on the M3 The ZR1 is absolutely a handful. I had one for about 5 months. It is stupid fast. I can extract more from the GT-R because the extra grip the car has, I never feel it will spit me into the wall. Much like a viper or Vette can be unforgiving to an inexperienced driver like myself. No I am not some pro. A lot of people on here have never even been to a track event.

I have to agree though, I have never seen so much hate for the GT-R.
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