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Originally Posted by rtobin View Post
Hi Guys,

My first post here after buying my 2010 E92 (Jerez black DCT)

so Hi! and I hate to be controversial in my first post..... but I actually prefer the yellow halo rings over the white ones... in my mind they are just a bit classier (especially on the black) and like a little ring of gold.... the white ones are just a bit to ricey for me!
used to have a sliver 535d E60.. and upgraded them to white LEDS and that looked hot.. but just feel that on a newer model black M3 the gold looks better..

anyway just needed to say that and each to their own!

Muchas Gracias!
You are entitled to your opinion, but you definitely do not know the definition of the term "ricey". Rice refers to mods that give the illusion of higher performance when no such performance actually exists. Putting an M badge on a non-M car is rice. Putting brake dust shields that look like drilled or slotted rotors is rice.

White halos are just white halos. Either you like them or you don't but there is nothing ricey about them.
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