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Originally Posted by Nine View Post
I never hate on the GT-R, it just annoys the hell out of me when people go around thinking that the GT-R is the fastest car on earth and talk about how it smokes everything around.

Also, nothing annoys me more than talking about 0-60 times.

I think most people that own a specific car get carried away in touting and defending it (just look at all the nonsense spouted about the M3). The GTR is no different.
But I can say out of all the nice cars I have owned I have never encountered such a strong negative reaction that the GTR brings out in some people. Its just flat out weird.
And yes 0-60 time is a very limited measure. It's all about traction and launch. I think 0-100, 60-130 and quarter miles times/trap speeds give a much better indication of raw performance.

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