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Originally Posted by Nine View Post
I am a JDM guy, so the GT-R would be my natural selection. I just like to keep things fair on the forums, coming from the JDM world, and seeing cars like the supra, evo/4663/etc, it just seems weird to see people shit their pants over 10 second cars especially a high powered GT-R. For years it's been common to see 500whp tuner cars smoking ferraris and porsches, so to hear people boast about a 100k+ heavily engineered stock car GT-R, then modded, comes in conflict with my past experiences of what is awe worthy. Think about it, guys were pulling this kind of stuff with 4 cylinder cars!

GT-R is a better performance car than my m3 100% true, but not a better daily driver. This is obvious to most who have driven a GT-R , while bearable, the GT-R certainly can be daily driven, but not at the comfort level of an M3. I don't think any non-biased person can argue otherwise

Why am I not in a GT-R or a z06/zr1? Well, I was going to buy a GT-R, but for fear of reliablity and daily driving it, I decided to get an M3.
Yes you would be ill or insane to drive a GT-R and ZR1 daily. I sure wouldnt!

It is still impressive that the new 2013 has already Gone 11.0 in the quarter bone stock. Being out only a few weeks the car is definitely capable of pulling off a high 10's BONE STOCK. Now that is impressive no matter what vehicles have done in the past. My grandpa ran 9's at the track 50 years ago in muscle cars, but who the hell would want to do it the way he did? Nearly killed himself trying. Now you can do it with the radio on and heated seats.
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