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Originally Posted by NasHH View Post
I talked to the guys at Valencia and they knew about this right away. This is what they told me..

The finance guy said that one of their guys was doing the paperwork and everything and it was his 1st day on the job. He said he completely forgot to get the down payment so he called him the next day and he told him on the phone that he would come the next day to pay. But he didn't go, so they called him again and he said he signed all the papers and he payed and tried to get away with not paying 20k. So they said their going to reposes the vehicle, so he drove down to the dealership and called the cops.

The cops asked him where the receipt was and if there is any proof you took 20k out of the bank. He said no, so the cops called the towing company and took the car. They said that he tried to get away with not paying the 20k, but was co-operative on the phone when they told him they never received it and told them he was going to drop it off the next day.

In my opinion.. what happened was he left with the car without paying down payment, tried to get away with it, failed. Got his vehicle repossessed and now its on his record so hes a little mad it failed.

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