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2012 Formula 1 Off-weeks Thread

I can't take it. I need my fix! 3 weeks until I can see another McLaren lockout? 3 weeks until I get to see what has developed on the cars? 2 weeks before a thread gets started for China?!

lol but really I figured I'd add a place to chat during the season when there wasn't an official GP thread going.

- I'm interested to see what Sauber will do to STAY competitive. It really seems they have good pace to contend (I had to put that carefully) for the third spot in the constructor's.

- I'm interested, obviously, to see what RBR will do to get Seb back in it. Seems like he's struggling with the tires this year, or what?

- What will McLaren do to stay on top? their car is super fast, has great pace, and it's showing.

- What will Ferrari do with Massa??? (No I don't think they'll let him go after just 2 races, but you have to think he's on a hot seat)

It'll be interesting to see what comes out of this stretch of development for teams like Mercedes (to get race pace to match quals) and Lotus (moreso to keep Grosjean on the track longer than 10 laps, and keep pace with MBAMG).