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Originally Posted by aznkuja328 View Post
However, having owned 2 c63s in the past, i prefer the m3 that i am driving now.

personal preferences:

both of my c63s had lsd and 275/285 rubber at the rear, and i also had kw v3.

for cornering, unless you can shave some weight from the m156 engine and redesign the chassis, w204 is no where close to e92 m3 weight distribution wise.

m156 has too much torque (it will make the car less controllable around the corners), and the frontal part of the car is way too heavy. i even had long tube headers and a tune, my car was pretty loaded with light weight rotors and forged wheels. however, i still prefer the m3 that i am driving now, no matter daily or on the track.

straight line performance, 0-60 /100, c63 is always quicker.

one interesting thing about myself would be i used to fall asleep on the highway driving with the c63, but i have never taken a single nap with the m3, the m3 is more fun to drive.

the gearbox on the w204 even the later mct is no where close to the performance of the m-dct. m156 has a more torque but isn't as useful and controllable in comparison to the linear torque from s65.

sc is the only way to catch up with stock c63 in straight line performance.

nos shots/ parts removal for weight reduction, drag tires w/ launch control maybe useful to stick up with c63 in straight line without the sc?
I think that's part of the C63's character. People have to understand that Mercedes Benz wasn't after creating a car that will go around corners with precision. They wanted to create a car that has the ability to spend time on the track every now and then (1-2 times a year) and usually just do commuter duty. The M3 was built specifically for balance and track use. That's why the engine likes to rev so high, and that's why you get complaints about the M3 not having enough torque down low. I have a sports bike that revs to 16.5k. Around town, it's pretty damn useless useless, I gun it past 6k and if I do that, I don't go past 2nd because of the speed limits.