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Originally Posted by kiwistu
Hi David

Perfect garage I reckon, 335d + an M3! And I thought I was qualified to comment :-)

As per my post, the 335d isn't faster than an M3 in general, however I did find this stat: 4.0 sec verses 4.4 for 80-120, and I am sure you'd agree the 335d is outrageous when it comes to impression any how.

Your comparison is not quite fair....

4.4 was achieved in 4'th gear in the M3.

Do it in 3'rd and tell me if the 335D could beat it...

Lol... When you want to compare the quickest a vehicle can do x to y you should do it in its best gear.

Copy paste from your post...

in-gear acceleration 4th/5th/6th/7th 4th/5th/6th/7th
80 - 100 kph 2.1s/2.6s/3.1s/4.2s 2.6s/3.4s/4.2s/5.5s
80 - 120 kph 4.4s/5.4s/6.1s/8.1s 5.1s/6.7s/8.6s/10.8s
80 - 140 kph 6.6s/8.2s/9.3s/12.0s 7.7s/9.8s/12.9s/16.6s
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