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Why not a Dunlop StarSpec at either 265/35 or 275/35. A 265/35 would save you 4lbs per corner.

Best combination of dry and wet weather traction. They do get a little loud as they wear but you get what you pay for in that regard. That's really what separates a good HP summer tire from a cheap (but still grippy). The Bridgestones, Michelins, and borderline Yokos will stay quiet, but the Hankook, Kumho, Dunlop, and Nittos will get loud.

I'd get the Star Spec first, then AD08 if the sizes of SS weren't available.

Don't get slightly staggered wheels and tires. Try to get the tire that is sized for the wheel, not a bigger tire. If anything you want to go in the smaller tire/wider wheel direction.