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Originally Posted by Optherion View Post
Interesting, havent had that happen. You been reading forums a lot or have you been tracking GT-R's and Vettes. ? How come you dont trade up to a Z06 if its so much better. I mean is it better than your M3? Wait dont answer that one
I am a JDM guy, so the GT-R would be my natural selection. I just like to keep things fair on the forums, coming from the JDM world, and seeing cars like the supra, evo/4663/etc, it just seems weird to see people shit their pants over 10 second cars especially a high powered GT-R. For years it's been common to see 500whp tuner cars smoking ferraris and porsches, so to hear people boast about a 100k+ heavily engineered stock car GT-R, then modded, comes in conflict with my past experiences of what is awe worthy. Think about it, guys were pulling this kind of stuff with 4 cylinder cars!

GT-R is a better performance car than my m3 100% true, but not a better daily driver. This is obvious to most who have driven a GT-R , while bearable, the GT-R certainly can be daily driven, but not at the comfort level of an M3. I don't think any non-biased person can argue otherwise

Why am I not in a GT-R or a z06/zr1? Well, I was going to buy a GT-R, but for fear of reliablity and daily driving it, I decided to get an M3.