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Originally Posted by 997GT3 View Post
And the haters naivety is baffling as well. The GTR is an extremely fast car(stock or modded), whether you like it or not. It is one of the most(if not the most) important performance cars of the last 10 years.
Z06s and ZR1s are great in their own right but that doesn't diminish the ultra performance of the Nissan.

I never hate on the GT-R, it just annoys the hell out of me when people go around thinking that the GT-R is the fastest car on earth and talk about how it smokes everything around.

Also, nothing annoys me more than talking about 0-60 times.

Originally Posted by Optherion View Post
are you sure? Cause i remember lapping about 5 Z06's and a ZR1 a few months back with speed ventures lol. I dont think they forgot it either. They are still whining about it lol.

For every story there is about a GT-R beating a z06/zR1 at the track, there are equal stories about a z06/Zr1 beating a GT-R.

I assure you, GT-R owners remember it just as much when their car is overheating and a z06 running consistant times runs by them...

Nothing taken away from a GT-R, no doubt it is an amazing performer. But, to put it so high up there, is to forget about past cars that have just as monsterous track times and modability- all for much less $$$ and technology than that in a GT-R.